I’m working as consultant for automation often from remote in the environments of customers. I am connecting with Citrix Receiver. Some customers have a policy that a password must be changed every month. Sometimes I do not manage to change the password in required frequency.

To some systems I can only connect with Remote Desktop (RDP). The systems are in a foreign domain with no trust or DNS resolution of the domain I am logged in and using Remote Desktop.

If the password is expired, I get: “This user account’s password has expired. The password must change in order to logon.
Please update the password or contact your system administrator or technical support.”

With “OK” the RDP session ends. There is no possibility to change the password here.

Perhaps you have the possibility to change the password from a system which knows the foreign domain or with a session with a colleague: In the “Change password” dialog from the system which is member of the domain or knows the foreign Domain specify domain\youraccount in field from the user.

The other option is to modify the setting of the Remote Desktop client:

  • Save the connection in a location which is allowed (“Save as”).
  • Append “enablecredsspsupport:i:0” in the rdp file.
  • Open this file with Remote Desktop Client (“Open”) and connect
  • Change your password without bothering others